Count and Match Christmas

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The rules are very simple and intuitive for everyone; So You just drag' n' drop the numbers in to the match boxes!

There are two levels of difficult! in the first 20 levels you've just 4 number to match with 4 boxes after you will have 5 numbers to match with 5 boxes.

The game is suitable for everyone that can play without stress... cause is just a kid’s math game in Christmas theme!

How To Play:
1: Touch over the number to drag it.
2: Drag the numbers over the matching box’s image.
3: Release Touch to drop the numbers in to the boxes.
4: Complete all numbers for each page and go to the next levels.
5: You can't lose it's a simple kid's game.

Key Features:
- Play without stress you can't lose.
- Beautiful Christmas atmosphere.
- Christmas sounds and music.
- Amazing graphics and characters.
- 40 Different Levels to play for hours.

So Enjoy this great game and Merry Christmas and happy new year!





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