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Take down your enemies quickly, choose the right weapon for you, and use them to defeat all enemies. Come to Venge io, a first-person shooter game that helps you become a professional shooter. Improve your observation ability, sharp reflex skills to top the leaderboard. Unlock cards, use them intelligently against all your opponents.
Are you ready? Starting the game with Lilium or Shin and arming for battle, you have options:

Scar - medium/long-range combat ability
Scar is one of the longest-range fighters in the game, so he's perfect for taking out enemies before they can get close to your base
The greatest strength of this character is his ability to take out enemies without them being able to fight back. He has a high damage output, so he can prove himself as a huge asset to your team. His only weakness is his lack of mobility which means he can't dodge enemy attacks as well as other characters in the game. In order to win, you'll have to use Scar's range and power wisely!

Shotgun - high power close-range weapon
One of the most popular weapons in this game is the shotgun. Shotguns are high-power close-range weapons that have a short reload time. The shotgun is great for finishing off an opponent after they're out of ammo or to take out multiple opponents at the same time. They are not very effective at long-range combat. To be successful with a shotgun, you need to know your environment and have good timing on when to shoot enemies.

Sniper - very powerful ranged weapon
This mode is played with ranged weapons only, making it easy for players to stay at a distance from each other until someone gets close enough. The sniper rifle is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, which makes it perfect for this model. If you want to be more aggressive and take out your opponents quickly, then sniper mode might be for you!

Tec-9 - SMG for short/medium range quickfire
The weapon Tec-9 - SMG is an automatic submachine gun that's perfect for close to medium-range firefights. It's very similar to the MP5 in terms of power, but it has a higher rate of fire and better accuracy at short range. Is a great weapon for battling your opponents at close to medium ranges. If you’re looking for a good battle we suggest you try out this gun!

Every weapon has its strengths, choose the right weapon for your character. Each card has a unique ability, use it wisely to win over all other players. Raise your score when you kill enemies and get a flag that unlocks cards. Destroy every enemy, pass every level and go to new heights.

[WASD] Move

[1] Change Weapons

[2] Use Grenades

[R] Reload

[Right Mouse] Aim Rifles

[Q] Strike with Weapon



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