Color by Numbers

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Hi! in this fantastic application you can color all the cute and funny characters by associating each color with a number!

This game is different than the other apps! here you have to color as if you had a pencil; you need to color all the blocks!

So be careful and try to color by associating each color with a number and try to not go outside the edges of the object!

Remember: try to associate all the colors with the corresponding numbers to have the best possible result!

The game was created just for the little ones, who will have a lot of fun coloring by following the numbers, so while playing they will also learn the numbers and the colors associated with them!

Key Features:
• Over 60 items to color!
• Colorful graphics!
• Great fun music!
• Simplified game interface!
• Funny characters!
• Baby quite game!
• Ideal for the whole family!





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